The Difference Between iPhone Photos & SLR Photos

Many like you and me would have drooled at the idea of iPhone and to be rid of the hassle of carrying a camera at the hip. Especially if like me, you get stuck by sudden imaginative ideas and you just have to either write it down or capture it in a picture.

SLR in its Glory:

Logically speaking an iPhone might seem like an easier device handle in the hectic daily life but unfortunately it in no way beats the results of an SLR. An SLR has larger sensors, more megapixels, and better controls. It also has interchangeable lenses, which can be used to either have dim light or bright light and to change the photo effects of the pictures. Some of these effects might be present in an iPhone too, but the result is not as natural as that on an SLR. An SLR is also more likely to give a sharper image with the details of the photo more in focus.  An iPhone picture might seem acceptable to put up on social media, but if it is to be enlarged and printed in hard copy, then it might not give the same quality results. An SLR camera beats an iPhone in quality, in light, in speed tests, and versatility.

iPhone is not a camera:

An iPhone doesn’t give manual control, so it’s going to be faster, but its pictures are going to be blurrier than that of an SLR. iPhone no doubt has a portrait feature that gives an illusion of shallow depth of field which will work if the picture is to be uploaded to social media but in comparison, an SLR performs well. We often forget that an iPhone is not a camera but a phone with a million features and a SLR is a camera with a million ways to edit your photos.


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