Our high quality gear & equipment, post-production services, and professional editing make us the obvious pick for your party.


With 120+ events under our belts, our diverse team of party photographers means we have the scope to accommodate all types of events.


We’re committed to helping make your night one for the history books – and we’re going to document it every step of the way.


We thrive off creativity, and this edge is reflected in the calibre of our photos and post-production editing.

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Offering Cheap Premium Party Photography in Melbourne

A wise man once said that a party is only as good as the photos that tell the story. Okay, maybe it was me who said that, but the sentiment is true all the same. You know those one-of-a-kind nights that resonate in your memory for years to come? Those are always the nights there never seems to be enough photos of. Well this is where our vigilant, and ever-ready photographers come into play.

A common sight at Melbourne’s liveliest engagements, weddingsbirthday parties, and corporate events, our party photographers are affordable, and well versed at snapping those happy memories. With a maximum 7 day turnaround time on photos and a personalised touch that puts all others to shame, you need look no further.

When it’s countdown time to the big event and you’re still asking ‘where can I find professional photographers near me?’ you needn’t look any further than the experts at Party Photographers Melbourne.

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Professional Photographers With an Eye for Candid Moments

Our photography hire service is perfect for revellers who want a stylish memento of what was (hopefully) a night to remember. Even if you don’t remember much of it our roving photographers are incredibly prolific and can help you piece back together the puzzle the fleeting memory of the night before.

The professional photography team at Party Photographers Melbourne have a special eye for catching those moments that last a lifetime. We take an extra level of pride and consideration in our work, providing a photography for hire service that you’ll want to book for the next birthday, wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah – whatever the occasion.

As one of Melbourne’s youngest yet most experienced party photography companies, our team of eagle-eyed documentarians utilise the most technically-advanced equipment to produce albums with the finest touch.

Forget those shabby, filtered drunk shots that someone posted to Instagram in the midst of screaming ‘I LOVE THIS PIC SO MUCH, I’M GOING TO POST IT’; the albums produced by Party Photographers are of the highest quality, professionally edited by our team and sent back to you within a week of the event taking place.

Not only this, we provide full rights on albums for the recipient without those tacky watermarks trying to further promote that we are, in fact, a photography company.

Our Mission

This is typically the section of the website where a service insists how amazing they are, so we’ll keep it to the point. Our mission is to provide high-quality party photography at events with a price tag that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Other photographers charge a king’s ransom for their services, but our aim is to make our craft affordable without compromising quality standards.

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Birthdays are our jam

Other photography services might dabble in this and that, but we’ve always been a sucker for the birthday spirit. We’re niche and specialise in parties only – and we’re damn good at what we do. Whether it be offering personalised USBs along with a large 200+ photo album for your sweet 16th, organising the DJ for your 18th, or capturing every moment of your big 21st, our personalised service is unsurpassed.


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