Premium 21st Birthday Photographers in Melbourne

You’ve already legally been able to drink for three years now, it’s typically an American tradition – but hell, who’s honestly going to pass up another opportunity to party? Despite its seemingly irrelevant significance in Australian culture, your 21st birthday party is likely going to be one of the memories that stick with you for a lifetime, which is exactly why you need the right photography service in Melbourne to capture every last, messy, amazing moment.

You could be making an embarrassing speech with far too many explicit details in front of overly religious family members. You could be taking literally a million photos with you and your friends in front of that giant inflatable ‘21’ balloon – or you could be moments from spilling a very red drink on your very white dress. Whatever the moment, ugly, beautiful, amazing, or hilarious, our party photographers will be there to immortalise every frame for you to laugh and cry over for a lifetime.

The Process

1. Confirm Your Event Details

Enquire with us, lock in and confirm your 21st event date and details. Our weekends usually book out pretty fast!

2. The Big Day!

Have your 21st event captured the way you need it captured – whether you want our photographer at your complete disposal, or if you want to just let us do our thing. It’s up to you!

3. Post Production Editing

We take great pride in our post production editing process. Expect a full album edited with our professional photo editing software, exported digitally for online use or print.

4. Receive Your Album!

We will send you your album via medium of your choice – whether you want a text customised USB stick shipped to you, or through online file share website Dropbox.

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Your 21st birthday basically didn’t happen unless you have the photography to back it up

What better way to rub the fact that you didn’t invite certain people to your momentous occasion after all than posting all of the highlights in perfect clarity on your social media platform of choice? With a maximum 7 day turnaround time on all photos, a first-rate post-production editing service, and your option of a personalised USB and/or seamless online file download to obtain your large 200+ photo album, our 21st birthday party photographers are undoubtedly the best option anywhere in Melbourne.


Leave the photography to the professionals – Get a 24 Hour Response Quote

Sure, you can get that eager-to-please uncle to take a crack at your photography, but at the end of the day, you’re not going to get the most of your event. Our photographers specialise in parties and like a sixth sense, they know exactly where the action and best shots are going down at all times throughout the night.

Whether for your 16th, 21st, 30th, or other party event, our team have your needs covered. Contact us today for a quote for our photography, DJ Hire, Videography, Photo Booth hire, or a package containing a few of the above!