Your Dedicated 18th Birthday Party Photographer in Melbourne

It’s a night you’ll undoubtedly hold in your memory banks until you’re old and grey, shaking your fists at teenagers and reminiscing about the ‘good old days.’ According to the Australian Government, you’re now a legal adult and can do all of the things you’ve been doing for the last two years anyway. Instead of bribing your mum to buy you a four pack of UDLs, you can now walk into that bottle shop with your head held high and your ID proudly extended. How will you celebrate such a momentous milestone? By throwing an epic party to eclipse all others.

Considering you’ll most likely obliterate any braincells you started the night with, you’re going to need one hell of an 18th birthday party photography service to capture every moment of your Melbourne event. Don’t rely on blurry smartphone selfies, out of focus shots from relatives failing to comprehend their own technology, or photos from that one friend who only seems capable of getting their own face in the frame – rely on the pros.

The Process

1. Confirm Your Event Details

Enquire with us, lock in and confirm your 18th event date and details. Our weekends usually book out pretty fast!

2. The Big Day!

Have your 18th event captured the way you need it captured – whether you want our photographer at your complete disposal, or if you want to just let us do our thing. It’s up to you!

3. Post Production Editing

We take great pride in our post production editing process. Expect a full album edited with our professional photo editing software, exported digitally for online use or print.

4. Receive Your Album!

We will send you your album via medium of your choice – whether you want a text customised USB stick shipped to you, or through online file share website Dropbox.

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Document every glorious moment of your big 18th with our first-rate photography

Having had the privilege to attend many birthdays in our time, whether a 16th, 18th, 21st, or otherwise, even a cheeky 50th from time to time, parties are somewhat of a speciality for our photographers. How many birthday photography services can arrange a kick-ass DJ for your event after all? We keep our prices affordable without compromising on quality, meaning everyone can gain access to our professional service.
With a top-rate post-production editing service, the option of personalised USBs containing your pictures, or a large 200+ photo album, our Melbourne photographers are always looking to exceed our customers’ expectations. So, while you’re making memories to last a lifetime at your 18th party, our photographers will be there to document everything for you to look back and laugh at the following morning as you nurse your hangover.


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